VALUE: Excellent (9/10)


PAIRING: duck confit

PATRICK'S NOTES: Can Old World meet New World? Can duck confit make a contemporary French Burgundy sing? This wine reviewer says YES! This 2014 Domaine Levert Barault Premier Cru will tease with its alluring profile of bright cherries and subtle anise notes on the nose. It has the earthy nose of a true burgundy, but toned way down with the barnyard nose Old World imbibers love, but New World imbibers shy away from. Add the confit and you may break into spontaneous song. If you are in San Diego give La Bonne Table a visit.

JAKE'S NOTES: Red Burgundy is Pinot Noir, if you didn't know, and the province of Burgundy is where the Pinot grape originates. It's one of the most difficult regions to understand, with all its rules, but Premier (1er) Cru is the second-highest designation below Grand Cru. That's probably where many of the values can be found, and this one offers exceptional value on La Bonne Table's menu. In many French restaurants Burgundies price at $100 and above, into the stratosphere.

Also, it's important to note that you will see a smaller markup on more expensive wines. A bottle costing the restaurant $10 will often be marked up 4x or 5x. This wine in La Bonne Table is marked up less than 100%, which is amazing to see.

Mercurey, by the way, is the village in Burgundy where these grapes grow. Under 600 hectares of Pinot Noir is produced there.

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