Pan Seared Scallop on Polenta with Madras Curry Cream Sauce

This has been a staple in my entertaining repertoire. It's always a crowd pleaser and super simple to prepare for entertaining. 

First, prepare your polenta... just follow package instructions. I always make mine super soft and hold over a double burner. Sometimes it gets too thick, to fix that I whisk in some milk or cream right before plating to bring it back to the softness I prefer for plating. 

Next, prepare your Madras Curry Cream sauce. This is also something you can make ahead and hold until ready to plate. This is a "feel it" method.

  1. Pan toast the curry - maybe a teaspoon or three, until the aromatics are opening up. 
  2. When done toasting curry, pour in a cup or two of cream, and enough honey to create the level of honied sweetness you prefer. Whisk it all together over low heat and hold until ready. 
  3. Finish by adjusting with enough salt to pull all the flavours together. 

Final step is the scallops. I like using fresh (flash frozen works too) jumbo sized. I prepare some clarified butter for searing. The scallops work best at room temperature. Make sure you gently pat them dry. I dust them with salt and pepper. It's best to sear them over high heat, I use my trusty cast-iron skillet for this purpose. The trick with scallops is to cook them fast and furious. DON'T overcook them or they turn to rubber... they usually cook in about a minute or two on each side... you just want them to turn opaque. 

Plate with a mound of polenta, and then nest the scallops on top. Finish with a generous drizzle of the curry sauce. 

Wine pairing with this meal is a snap... RIESLING!!! 

Riesling loves spicy food, especially Asian, Indian, and most ethnic cuisines that have lots of bright, vibrant, and spicy flavours. The dry, aromatic and spicy traits of a great Riesling, along with its bracing acidity creates a perfect palate refreshing pairing for these cuisines.