I'm a savory chef at heart. But my mouth loves sweet - Jake calls it my sweet tusk. So when I find a dessert recipe that works with my aesthetic for cooking I am a happy camper. This (IMHO) is one of the most beautiful dessert recipes I've ever created. And the wine - BE STILL MY WINE LOVING HEART! 

Wine Poached Pears with Sweet Risotto

These turned out so beautiful. I love how rich and red they are thanks to the poaching. After I finished poaching, I reduced the poaching liquid until to create a dense, rich glaze. I made the sweet risotto the same way you'd make savory: I just used milk, with cinnamon and sugar with vanilla - OK, I know it could be called rice pudding, but who wants to be that pedestrian? 

Ahhh the glaze drizzle shot... 

Beautiful drizzle of the glaze

The wine we served is from one of our client's wineries... Raul Ramirez Bodegas Y Viñedos: a stunning Late Harvest Chardonnay that is bursting with rich stone fruit and this amazing zing of green tea on the finish. It danced a grand waltz with this dessert. 

It was a perfect ending for a perfect meal! 

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