Patrick Bartlett


  • Passionate • When Patrick talks, when he tackles a project, what matters to him most is the passion he brings to the conversation: the sincere desire to live life with authenticity and flair. Every occasion is a special occasion.
  • Positive • If there's anything Patrick steadfastly avoids, it's negative energy. He brings laughter and joy to all his endeavors, and his ebullience is contagious. He's a joy to work with.
  • Assertive • Patrick's clients appreciate his willingness to communicate directly and honestly, every step of the way.
  • Educated • He's not merely a sommelier, but a WSET-trained wine expert. He's not merely a chef, but a food scientist: when you ask him why he clarifies butter, he'll explain the science behind it, rather than telling you that's how his Momma did it, or because the recipe book said so.
  • Intuitive • Watch him cook and you'll understand: he seldom follows a recipe and when he does, it serves only as a suggestion. Likewise, when listening to a client, he will read between the lines and ask questions in order to perceive his clients' needs.
  • Articulate • Patrick draws on his intuition, creativity, and passion not only when cooking and tasting wine, but when writing: readers delight in the approachability and brightness of his prose, a skill that truly encompasses all of his best qualities.