Jake Stanford


  • Smart -  As a student Jake didn’t know grades below “A” existed. He went to college on a full-ride. He finished a Masters in Education at the top of his class. Jake never stops learning. If a project requires him to learn a new skill he simply does it.
  • Disciplined - If there’s a task to be done it gets done, usually ahead of schedule. If this means rising early, working late, eating at his desk, then so be it.  The only thing able to temper his focus is his lust for life and experiencing it with open arms.
  • Witty - Anyone who knows Jake knows his wit is sharp. He’s fast on his feet and knows how to make people laugh. Jake’s enthusiasm and zeal creates attraction that draws people to him. His energy is like an island where you can dock for fun and excitement before heading back out to sea.
  • Interpretive - To first step to interpreting is understanding. Jake’s extraordinary gift is listening, hearing what’s said, making sure he understands, and then interpreting it through his lens, his pen, his computer. Clients often marvel at how quickly he gets what they want and then delivers it to them.
  • Creative - Nothing lives in a box in Jake’s world. Every task he commits to is done with an eye for creative expression. Jake doesn’t see things as they are, but rather as they can be. Examine his photography and graphic design portfolios - they tell the story. He will tell yours with the same focus.
  • Enlightened - The world, its technology, systems, and vagaries demand an enlightened approach. Jake gets this. Ask him about current news, social landscapes, shifting ideas, and changing technologies--he’s an informed guy. This gift enables Jake to deliver a progressive product that wows and most importantly works.